At Aintree, we place a lot of importance on planning your care for after you leave hospital, this is known as planning for your discharge. This will start on or before your stay in hospital, where possible.

The information contained in this section is also available in our Planning for Discharge patient information leaflet. 

Once your doctor has decided that you are medically fit for discharge and no longer need acute hospital care, it is more appropriate to get you home or transfer you to another care setting to ensure the best possible recovery and recuperation. This could include a transfer to our new Aintree 2 Home unit [link].

On the day of discharge

We will aim to get you ‘home for lunch’ on the day of your discharge wherever possible. You may move to our Discharge Lounge as early as possible on the day where you will wait in comfort for your transport. If you need new medicine to take home, we will bring this to the Discharge Lounge. 

We will give you and your GP a letter explaining the reason for your hospital stay, as well as details of your medication (if any).

If you need a follow-up appointment or further investigations, we will arrange this before you leave.

Help at home and equipment

If you and your clinical team agree you need help at home, a discharge letter detailing the support services arranged will be sent to your GP. The support services will be arranged before your discharge

If you need equipment at home, we will agree arrangements with you and we will show you and your carer how to use any equipment provided before you leave hospital.

Further information 

If you or your relatives/carers have any questions about your care or discharge arrangements, in the first instance please ask the nurse in charge of your care.

Alternatively, you can speak to Aintree’s Patient Advice and Complaints Team (PACT) Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm on 0151 529 3287. You or your relatives can also speak to the team by visiting their desk which is located near to the Main Reception during the same hours.

Once you have been discharged from hospital, for further information and advice please contact your GP or out of hours service in the first instance.