On arrival

On arrival, please proceed to the appropriate ward/ department where you will be met by nursing staff. There might be times when you may be admitted to a different ward to the one you were expecting, or moved from one ward to another. This will not affect your treatment. When you arrive at the ward, you may be asked to wait in a Day Room while a bed is allocated to you.

What to expect at hospital

Our nurses will welcome you to the ward and help settle you in. They will ask you to confirm your personal details, such as your name and address, your GP and contact details for your next of kin.

You will need to tell your nurse if you are following a special diet and about any medication you are taking so these can be continued during your stay. Your doctor will also visit you before starting your treatment. Your doctor will explain your treatment to you.

If there is anything that you do not understand, or would like to discuss further, please ask your doctor or nurse.

If you need to have surgery or an anaesthetic, your doctor will explain this too and you will be asked to sign a form to say that you agree to the procedure taking place.

Welcome Card

You will be given a welcome card when you are admitted to a ward. This will give you, your relatives or carers a clearer idea of what treatment you can expect to receive while in hospital and also an expected date of discharge.

Patients will only be discharged from the hospital when it is safe to do so, which means the date of discharge may change subject to a patient’s health.

How to Identify Staff

Your medical care will be managed by an expert team headed by a consultant. You will see your consultant and other members of the medical team throughout your admission.

The team caring for you during your stay may be made up of Nursing staff, Medical staff, Pharmacists, Therapists, Radiographers, Dietitians, Ward Clerks – the list is endless.

You may meet some or all during your stay, but if you are not sure who somebody is please ask. All staff wear identification badges which should be clearly displayed.


Aintree University Hospital is a teaching hospital and as such, there are a variety of students who learn here.

Medical students regularly attend ward rounds with the consultants in charge and medical team as part of their training.

You will be informed if a student is present during any assessment or review. If you do not wish students to be present, please tell the nursing staff. Please be assured that this will not affect your treatment.

Intimate Examinations

If an intimate examination is required during treatment, an explanation of why it is necessary will be made and the patient’s permission sought. If the patient grants permission an offer of a chaperon for the duration of the examination will be made.


Each ward has its own visiting hours, which are there to ensure you have time to rest, eat or take part in rehabilitation activities, e.g. physiotherapy, without being disturbed. To view visiting hours, see our Ward information widget below or click here