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To ensure we can provide you with the best possible care, the Trust will collect the following categories of information from you, or record the information about you:



Identifiers – contains details that identify an individual

This may include but is not limited to:

Name, Date of Birth, NHS Number.

Contact information

Address, Telephone number.

Relatives / Next of Kin

Name, Contact details for next of kin.

Details of any diagnosis and treatment given, including physical or mental health or condition

Medical history, treatments, test results, episodes of care, referrals and professional opinions.

This is the core information that the Trust will hold about you.

Nationality / Domicile

Required to ensure that patients are entitled to NHS health care.


Required for equality monitoring and ensuring that the Trust services are suitable for the local population. The provision of this information is optional.

Religious beliefs

Required for spiritual support and where relevant to treatment options. The provision of this information is optional.

This list is not exhaustive but indicative of the information recorded.

By providing the Trust with your contact details, patients are agreeing to the Trust using those channels to communicate with them about their healthcare, i.e. by letter (postal address), by voice-mail or voice-message (telephone or mobile number), by text message (mobile number) or by email (email address).

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