View and download your hospital letters instantly on your mobile phone, tablet or computer with our new digital letter service. 

You will receive a text message notifying you that you have a new letter to view online. Follow the link in your message to view and download your letter.  

If you choose to view your letter online, we won’t send you a printed letter, unless you request one. Those who prefer can still receive their letters by post.


How to view your digital letter online 

  1. Follow the link in the text message or visit and log in with your name, date of birth, postcode
  2. To check it is really you, we’ll send a unique one-time code to your mobile. Insert this into the webpage.
  3. View your appointment letters online in one place and download your letters as PDF.
  4. Once you’ve viewed your letter online, we will no longer send you a paper letter unless you request one.


How to receive a paper letter 

If you haven’t viewed your letter online after two days, or if you haven’t viewed your letter at least 7 days before the appointment, we will send you a paper letter anyway.

If you need to receive paper letters by post, you can easily request this by:

  1. Reply PRINT to your appointment letter text message
  2. Log in to our patient portal by visiting, go to settings and turn off the paperless option


Why are we introducing digital letters? 

Allowing patients to view and download their letters online helps us to: 

  • Deliver appointment letters to you instantly 
  • Reduce confusion from lost letters or letters arriving in the wrong order 
  • Reduce our environmental impact 
  • Save the NHS money by reducing the amount of paper and stamps we are using 


Need help?

For more information on this service, please see our FAQs