Keeping your appointment 

Patients who fail to keep their hospital appointments cost the hospital both time and money. Appointments are wasted and that delays other patients being seen quickly.

It is vital that once you are given an appointment for any type of care, you keep the appointment or tell us that you can’t come.

We can change your appointment however it is very important that you are seen in clinic as your GP has requested and so if you have to cancel/change multiple appointments we may refer you back to your GP for a review of your condition.


To change or cancel your appointment 

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are not able to attend your appointment so it can be given to someone else. 

Patients who do not let us know they will not be attending their appointments can be discharged from our care and referred back to their GP.

You can now request to change and cancel your appointments by text message and online. Aintree has partnered with DrDoctor to provide outpatients with an appointment reminder and rescheduling service to make it easier for you to manage your upcoming appointments. For more information about managing your appointments via text or online please click here.

Please do not email the hospital to cancel or change an appointment.