No smoking

Aintree operates a no smoking policy. You are requested to observe the no smoking signs and refrain from smoking on hospital premises.

What to expect at your clinic appointment

You have been referred to the clinic for a consultation with hospital staff who have specialist knowledge of your condition. You will be seen by a member of your Consultant’s team. You may also see a Clinical Nurse Specialist or an Allied Health Professional, such as a Physiotherapist.

Please note that there are several different clinics using each waiting room so it may seem that someone is being seen before you but they will be going into a different clinic. You will be seen in time order for your particular clinic.

You may need other tests, such as an X-ray. This may be done on the day of your visit or you may be asked to come back.

Pharmacy and shops on site

If you are given a prescription in clinic you should collect your medicines from the hospital Pharmacy.

You will need to bring money for your prescriptions or your exemption certificate if you are not eligible to pay.

There are cafes and restaurants on-site along with other facilities such as shops and cash machines. Further information of our on-site facilities can be found here.

If you require further assistance

Registered guide or assistance dogs are welcome within the hospital at any time. If you have any questions about access to any of our clinics please ring 0151 529 3150 to speak to us.

We arrange interpreters for patients who do not speak English or who have hearing and sight loss.

We use a telephone interpreting service in many cases and so you may be asked to speak to an interpreter on the phone who will translate for you. In some circumstances we may arrange for an interpreter to come to your appointment with you.

Please note that a family member or friend should not translate for you during your appointment.

Your GP should have told us that you need an interpreter but if you want to ask for one please ring 0151 529 3150