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Visitors are very welcome at the hospital during visiting hours. This page gives you general information about visiting our hospitals.

If you are visiting a friend or relative at our hospital for the first time:

  • make sure you know the formal name of the person you are visiting
  • find out which ward they are on from their nearest relative, or ask the hospital's main reception

Visiting hours

Flexible Visiting hours are in place across all wards and departments, from 1:30pm - 7:30pm but may still differ in certain areas, so please check the correct times with a member of staff, using our ward information widget on the home page or go to our Ward Visiting Times page.

Please ensure that prior to arrival, you read our Visitor's Charter, which is available here and to download below.

Preventing the spread of infections

We take cleanliness and infection prevention very seriously, but need your help to keep our infection rates low. Please do not visit if you have any signs of an illness, particularly coughs, colds and upset stomach. If you are unsure please contact the ward and ask to speak to the nurse in charge. For further information on how we keep our infection rates low, please visit our Preventing Infection page.

Helping your friend or relative to get moving

You could play an important role in motivating your loved one to keep active in hospital, to avoid them becoming deconditioned –losing  muscle which takes twice as long to recover after a period of bed rest.  Where possible, why not encourage them to get dressed and go for a walk with you.  You may even help towards an earlier discharge by encouraging your friend or relative to continue to carry out their usual home routines of getting themselves washed and dressed, getting up for meals and going to the toilet.

Smoke Free Trust

Aintree University Hospital is a smoke-free Trust. This means that for the good of the health of our patients, visitors and staff, smoking is not allowed in the hospital grounds or buildings.


Visitor's Charter Poster A3.pdf, Modified: 04/08/2016 11:02AM | Download: Visitor's Charter Poster A3.pdf
Visitor's Charter Leaflet V9.pdf, Modified: 04/08/2016 11:02AM | Download: Visitor's Charter Leaflet V9.pdf
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