The prevention and control of infection is a priority us and our staff and dedicated Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) team advises on best practice which will reduce the risk of infection for patients, visitors and staff.

Everyone has a role to play in keeping infection out of the hospital, so as a visitor please remember to:

Leave infections at home

If you have any of the following symptoms then please do not visit the hospital for at least 48 hours after your symptoms have cleared:

  • Coughs, sneezes, or the flu, or
  • You are a COVID-19 contact 
  • You have been vomiting, or
  • You have had diarrhoea.

This helps us protect all patients from increased risks of infection. If in doubt call the ward for advice.

Wash and clean your hands carefully

Wash your hands before entering the hospital. Do not touch a patient’s drip or wound even if you have washed your hands.

Clean your hands

When you enter and leave clinical areas, including wards use the alcohol gel provided at the entrance to the area. If a patient has diarrhoea or vomiting, all visitors (as well as staff) must wash their hands with soap and water before and after any contact with the patient.

Wear a facemask 

Facemasks are no longer essential in communal areas, such as corridors, but are still provided at the entrances if you would prefer to wear a facemask. When entering wards / bays staff will advise you on the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment to wear.  

If in doubt, remind staff

We don’t mind being asked if we have washed our hands / used the alcohol gel.

Help us keep the hospital clean.

Report any problems, such as litter or spillages to ward staff. Our ward managers and matrons are responsible for making sure wards are clean and hygienic.

Ask us for advice

If you have any questions about our Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) rules then simply ask any member of staff.