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We at Occupational Health and Wellbeing endeavour to maximise the health, wellbeing and efficiency of all employees of our clients.

We seek to support organisations to minimise the health risks which employees may be exposed to in the working environment

We intent to continuously improve the quality and range of services we offer to our clients


We are a multi-disciplinary team with years and a vast range of experience.

Service Lead

Head of Organisational Health and Effectiveness

Our service lead is a Specialist Adviser within OH with over 20 years clinical and managerial experience.  The lead is responsible for day to day service delivery from a business perspective to both internal and external clients as well as offering clinical advice and support.

Diane Haddock RGN Dip HE BSc Hons OHND PG Dip  

Consultant Occupational Health Physicians

An Occupational Health Physician will deal with the more complex cases, including Ill Health Retirement. They will also provide a clinical lead for workplace health issues.

  • Dr Ku Sarangi M.B Ch.B FRCS AFOM MFOM – Overall Clinical Lead
  • Dr Paula Nunes (Specialist Registrar)

Occupational Health Nurses

Our Senior Nursing Team, which includes Clinical Nurse Specialists and Senior Occupational Health Nurses, who hold  specialist qualifications in Occupational Health.

Their role involves:

  • Attending Management consultations
  • Advising on the effects of work on health and health at work
  • Supporting managers and the organisation in relation to specific health needs assessments
  • Working with employees and managers providing advice to facilitate a return to work

Julie Mallon Clinical Nurse Specialist - Clinical Lead (Nursing)

Jackie Thomas Clinical Nurse Specialist – Operational Lead

Eric Youlton - Senior Occupational Health Adviser

Beth Hill - Senior Occupational Health Adviser

Elaine Griffin - Senior Occupational Health Adviser

Clinic Nurses

Our Clinic Nurses are all RGN's and they assess Fitness to Work for new employees and will ensure that all relevant and appropriate vaccinations are up to date.

  • Leah Mahoney
  • Julie O'Brien
  • Bev Rothwell

Occupational Health Technician

Our Occupational Health Technician supports the nurses and takes blood samples to send off to the Labs for assessing immunisation status.

  • May Smith


Our admin staff deal with phone calls and making appointments, retrieving files and dealing with client inquiries. They underpin the success of our Centre and allow everything to run smoothly for you.

  • Lynn Bromilow - Admin Supervisor
  • Anne Beckett - Team Leader
  • Chris Banks
  • Peter McCann
  • Laura Owens
  • Emmalene Clarkson
  • Mary Berry
  • Carol Donaldson
  • June Harnick

Business Lead

Our Business Lead monitors and analyses our performance against Key Performance Indicators, working with our management team to ensure consistency across our business. She also has responsibility for the web site and ensuring all information is accurate for our clients.

  • Diane Lee

Specialist Physiotherapists

Our team of bespoke Physiotherapists lead our fast track referral service for employees and facilitate the proactive back care programme.  They will offer a range of interventions in view of individual need and will conduct ergonomic workstation assessments as required on a case by case basis.

  • Ruth Todd
  • Amanda Bennett
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