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0151 525 5980

The Respiratory Lab at Liverpool University Hospitals is one of the best equipped in the North West, offering the full range of pulmonary function tests, including: spirometry, full studies, body box, challenge testing, respiratory muscle studies and full cardio-pulmonary exercise testing. It also has a dedicated walk corridor for field exercise testing and an external spirometry service, offering spirometry and reversibility testing to local CCG’s.

The department is situated on sixth floor of the tower block on the Aintree site and patient queries can be answered on 0151 529 3261. There is also a satellite testing area based at Clinic G, which provides spirometry to this clinic on a walk-in basis.

We perform diagnostic investigations for the whole Trust and our referrals come from a diverse range of specialities including thoracic, cardiology, rheumatology and pre-operative assessment

If you come to the department for tests your letter will include a pre-test requirement leaflet which will outline what we need you to do before your test. If you need any help or to talk through your appointment, please contact the department on the number above.

For detailed background on the tests we offer, please feel free to look at our national body website www.artp.org.uk - this has descriptions and videos of some of the many test we offer.

The department is run by S.Wragg, Respiratory Laboratory Manager.


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