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The bronchiectasis clinic is led by Dr Andrea Collins, Dr Paul Walker and Dr Dan Wootton and Sister Lisa Cliffe.

The clinic runs most weeks on Wednesday morning in clinic G. The clinic is attended by people with bronchiectasis from the hospital catchment area as well as people from elsewhere in the wider region.

Trials of nebulised antibiotics (colomycin, gentamicin and tobramycin) and hypertonic agents (hypertonic saline) are performed in clinic and treatment is coordinated through the clinic. The team works closely with the hospital intravenous access team and coordination of PICC lines and Portacath insertion is arranged via the clinic. There is also close working with the community intravenous antibiotic teams and microbiology department to provide intravenous antibiotic treatment at home. The team has close links and works alongside both the hospital and community physiotherapy teams.

The team work closely with other specialists including:

  • Bronchiectasis associated with immunodeficiency is jointly managed with the immunology teams at the Royal Liverpool Hospital and Salford Royal Hospital
  • Bronchiectasis associated with aspergillus associated lung disease is often jointly managed with the National Fungal Centre in Manchester
  • Patients diagnosed with cystic fibrosis are referred for ongoing treatment at the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital
  • Where necessary referrals are made to the Royal Brompton Hospital for investigation and ongoing management of primary ciliary dyskinesia.

There are typically a number of research trails recruiting via the service which includes currently the VITAL-BE study of inhaled aztreonam. The team also recruit to the BRONCH-UK bronchiectasis registry and previously the European EMBARC bronchiectasis registry. Bronchiectasis research is organised by Sister Lynne Keogan and Ms Nadia Lewis-Burke.

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