About this service 

The Radiology Department at Aintree provides a wide range of expert, diagnostic imaging and interventional services at our main hospital site.

We also provide a limited range of diagnostic imaging at Litherland Town Hall and St Chad’s, Kirkby.

Our highly specialised team is dedicated to providing patient-focused care, best practice with minimal waiting times, using the latest technology available.

We strive to deliver a service that provides a timely, accurate diagnosis enabling the correct treatment to be given, ultimately improving the quality of care for all of our patients.

Services provided by the Radiology Department include:

  • Plain Radiography (an X-ray)
  • Ultrasonography (Ultrasound scan)
  • Computed Tomography (CT scan)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI scan)
  • Interventional Radiology – vascular and non-vascular
  • Nuclear Medicine (Bone, Lung, Kidneys)
  • Contrast Radiography (barium swallow, meal, enema)

Depending on the type of examination you are having, you may need to prepare beforehand. Your appointment letter will give you all of the information you need which is specific to the test you are having.

Please make sure you read the information in your letter carefully before you come to hospital.

Referral information

Patients can be referred to the Radiology Department by GPs, Clinicians at Aintree and some Specialised Nurses. If your GP has referred you for a Chest X-Ray you exception of do not need an appointment. All other examinations require an appointment.

The Team

The Radiology department includes Diagnostic Radiographers, Radiologists, Specialist Nurses, Sonographers, Assistant Practitioners, Radiology Department Assistants, Healthcare Assistants Porters and Administration Staff. We are a teaching hospital, training Student Radiographers.

Our team of Consultant Radiologists include: 

  • Dr David White, Deputy Medical Director, Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Ashok Katti, Consultant Radiologist , GMC No: 6064404

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  • Dr William Boswell, Consultant Radiologist , GMC No: 6055345

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  • Dr Sumita Chawla, Clinical Director, Radiology. Consultant Radiologist. , GMC No: 6100849

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  • Dr John Curtis, Consultant Radiologist , GMC No: 3260128

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  • Dr Rebecca Hanlon, Divisional Medical Director for Diagnostic & Support Services, Consultant Radiologist , GMC No: 4028219

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  • Dr Jolanta Makowska Webb, Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Andrew O’Connor, Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Elizabeth O’Grady, Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Andrew Smethurst, Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Erica Thwaite, Deputy Divisional Medical Director, Consultant Radiologist.

  • Dr Julian Tuson, Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Nuribe Wieshmann, Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Fatma Bayam, Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Aldo Camenzuli, Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Rob Davis, Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Nadya Jabbar , Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Madhu Paravasthu , Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Vamsi Rachapalli, Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Ganesh Retnasingam , Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Gaj Sharma , Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Gaurav Sundar, Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Anita Ghali, Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Harsimran Nagpal, Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Dina Hikmat , Consultant Radiologist

  • Dr Jen Jou Wong, Consultant Radiologist