About this service

The Orthotics service specialises in providing orthoses, an orthosis is an external device that is used to correct, accommodate or maintain good positioning of bones and joints by helping to rest, protect or support you. This may help your mobility and function or in some cases will be used to stop movement if this is required as part of your treatment.

There are orthoses for all parts of the body such as:

  • Prescribed footwear
  • Foot supports and moulded insoles
  • Callipers and leg braces
  • Head, neck and spinal orthoses.


The service is situated on the link corridor between the main hospital reception (entrance A) and the outpatients entrance (entrance B)


Opening hours:

  • 9.00am–5pm, Monday–Thursday
  • 9.00am–4.30pm, Friday.

Referral information

Patients are referred to the department via a number of routes:

  • Prescription by a Consultant, usually as part of their Orthopaedic/Trauma/Rheumatology treatment
  • Self-referral for review/repair
  • Directly from the General Practitioner or other Allied HealthCare Professional

Contact details

If you require a replacement or review appointment please speak to the department on 0151 529 8128 as you may require a new referral from your GP.

If you have any queries about your appointment or require further information on our service, please contact us on 0151 529 8128.