The Occupational Therapy team facilitates the discharge planning process by responding to the needs of patients, their families and the community. The Occupational Therapy team (available 8am to 4pm Mon-Fri) aims to improve and maintain levels of independence and quality of life. This is achieved through a standardised approach to assessment, rehabilitation, education and health promotion. Services To provide discharge preparation assessments of patients’ physical functional abilities and cognitive abilities The use of graded activity to promote rehabilitation and increase function that facilitates discharge The use of activity analysis to establish patients’ functional abilities and support the use of appropriately graded activity To facilitate discharge through the process of education, adaptation and compensation techniques to the patients and their home environments To complete referrals to external agencies for equipment, adaptations or additional rehabilitation if required To help the patient to make informed decisions about their discharge choices About Us The Surgical Occupational Therapy Team provides input to: Regional Head and Neck Cancer Centre (MFU & ENT) Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery Colorectal Surgery Liver Surgery Vascular and Urology Surgery General Surgery Inpatients who are referred to Occupational Therapy may participate in a range of practical assessments and treatments in order to help decide if they are ready to return home and to identify any services or equipment they may need to make this possible. Where possible, the goal is to enable people to return to live as independently as possible within their own home. The team is staffed by all grades of qualified staff and supported by an Assistant Practioner and Therapy Assistants. Throughout the academic year students from the local University have clinical placements within the service. Referrals Referrals to the ward based team can be made by any health professional. Upon receiving the referral the OT team will contact the referrer to complete the screening process with them to allow the prioritisation of referrals.