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Referrals are usually made by a health or social care professional.  We are happy to discuss individual situations with clients, family and carers, as well as professionals, and provide advice about referrals or signpost to other organisations. If you have any queries please contact our Helpline on 0151 529 2022

Please complete the referral form with as much information as possible and send to the team.


Assessments will be arranged with an Occupational Therapist or Rehabilitation Engineer. The aim of the assessment is to identify:

  • The client’s needs and how technology might assist with these
  • The access method needed to use the equipment
  • Alternative ‘low-tech’ alternative solutions available
  • If the client feels that assistive technology is the appropriate solution.


  • North West Assistive Technology
    • CURRENT NWAT referral form V11.04 Word.docx Modified: 20/12/2019 9:24AM | Download:
    • North West Assistive Technology (NWAT) - Version 2.doc Modified: 20/12/2019 9:25AM | Download:
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