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If a piece of assistive technology is to be provided, we will agree:

  • The best way to implement the technology including any training needed
  • The customisations or custom equipment required
  • The follow up required
  • The timescale for installation. Factors which influence this include progressive conditions, urgent social or medical needs, on-going building work, and a client’s request to postpone.

On Going Maintenance and Support

All equipment is issued free of charge, on loan for as long as it is needed. To ensure the equipment meets the client’s needs we will;

  • Complete a yearly service including visual and functional inspection, battery replacement, and PAT testing. This service will be on a mutually convenient date and time.
  • Respond to fault calls via the Helpline - 01515292022
  • Re-programme equipment when e.g. new TV purchased, additional functions required
  • Review a client’s needs and provide alternative solutions as appropriate.
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