Who we are

  • Nova Mullin
  • Cathie Morrow
  • Olivia Mc.Phee.

Specialist physiotherapists in balance and dizziness.

Based in Aintree Hospital and Burlington house and also within the ENT Specialist Balance Clinic.

We assess and treat a wide range of conditions including: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, Labrynthitis, Neuronitis, Vestibular  migraine, Menieres, superior canal dehiscence, acoustic neuroma, age related balance conditions, post-concussion

Treatment modalities vary depending on the diagnosis and are tailored to the individual patient.

We believe in evidence based interventions allowing patients to maximise function and improve wellbeing.

We hold a Balance Support Group on the first Wednesday in the month within the Physiotherpay Department (not August or January).

NB: you will need to discuss with your Physiotherapist  whether this is suitable for you before your first attendance.

2.15pm -4pm, this includes a mixture of talks, exercise advice, social interaction and relaxation.

Please ring 0151 529 3335 for further information (NB currently not running due to COVID-19)

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