Prehabilitation is way of optimising your strength, fitness and lifestyle before your medical treatment. We help to physically prepare you for your treatment or procedure with the aim of reducing any side effects that could slow down your recovery. With support from our team, we hope to give you a better understanding of your condition and its treatment, giving you the knowledge to better manage any symptoms you have.

What can Prehab offer you?

We are a multidisciplinary team offering physiotherapy, dietetics and occupational therapy input. This means we can support you with clinically proven methods through many aspects of your treatment. These include:

  • Advice regarding the increase of physical activity in line with latest national guidance
  • Individualised exercise prescription from our Physiotherapist including access to ‘Physiapp’
  • Respiratory assessment and provision of breathing exercises
  • Increasing awareness of what to expect after treatment and how to gradually return to normal levels of activity
  • Personalised nutritional assessment and education from our Dietitian.
  • Support managing symptoms that affect nutritional intake.
  • Screening for malnutrition
  • Provide evidence based dietary counselling and optimisation
  • Advice from our Occupational Therapist regarding limitations you may have with day to day activities
  • Supporting your physical and emotional wellbeing throughout your treatment.