The Rheumatology Service at Aintree University Hospital is headed by consultants (specialities in brackets) Dr Cristiana Estrach – Clinical Director (Early Arthritis), Dr Marina Anderson (Scleroderma and Myositis), Dr Theresa Barnes (Scleroderma), Dr Nicola Goodson (Ankylosing Spondylitis), ), Dr Zoe Mclaren (Connective Tissue Disease), Professor Robert Moots (Behçet’s & General Rheumatology& Dr Jagdish Nair (Behçet’s, Vasculitis & General Rheumatology).  

The service is a centre of excellence for Rheumatology and is one of the few Behçet’s Syndrome centres in the U.K. 

Within the Musculoskeletal Assessment Service (MCAS) Physiotherapist-led MCAS Rheumatology clinics run a number of weekly clinics assessing patients referred directly from Primary Care with signs and symptoms suggesting possible rheumatological pathology. 

The department deals with the diagnosis, management and referral-to-consultants of patients with rheumatoid arthritis and other similar conditions. This includes conditions affecting joints, bones, muscles and soft tissues, including inflammatory arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis and other systemic autoimmune disorders, gout, vasculitis and soft tissue conditions.

Extended Scope Physiotherapy Practitioners lead the MCAS Rheumatology clinics within the physiotherapy service have the ability to order serological tests and imaging to assist in diagnosis though rapid referral to the rheumatology Consultants is the preferred and most common pathway. Senior Physiotherapists also work within the service.

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