Hydrotherapy (also known as Aquatic physiotherapy) is a structured exercise programme delivered in a warm, heated hydro pool.  The warmth of the water and the support offered by the buoyancy can provide pain relief and ease of movement to stiff and painful joints. The resistance of the water can assist with strengthening weak muscles whilst the support of the water can assist with re-education of functional activities e.g. walking and balance. Ideal conditions that may benefit from hydrotherapy are: widespread osteoarthritis, rheumatological conditions, chronic pain, post op orthopaedic surgery and following trauma e.g. fractures.

Referral into the pool is by an outpatient physiotherapist following assessment. A health screening sheet will be completed to ensure any health conditions are stable and will not be affected by being in the water. A course of hydrotherapy will last 4-6 sessions where exercises taught will be encouraged to be continued independently at a local swimming pool. Sessions in the pool last up to 30 minutes with additional time for showering and changes. There is step access into /out of the pool and a poolside rail for safety. A chair hoist is available for patients who require additional support entering the pool.