We understand that a diagnosis of diabetes can leave you feeling confused about what to eat and we want to help you feel more confident with your food choices! Whether you have been recently diagnosed with Diabetes or have had a diagnosis for 10 years and whether you’re on medication or not, your food choices will always have an important role to play.

So let’s start by telling you that there are no foods that you can’t eat and instead, let’s focus on what you CAN eat! Of course, some foods will be better choices than others but despite what you may have heard, it’s not all about cutting back on sugar! Whilst cutting back on added sugar is advisable, we have to look at the bigger picture and our diet as a whole.

There is no such thing as a diabetic diet and we should instead aim to follow a healthy balanced diet, the same as the rest of the population. Throughout these pages we will take you through what this includes and how different foods will affect your diabetes and overall health.

Our aim is to give you the information and knowledge to be able to make lifelong, informed decisions about your food and drink choices, though you will find some recipe and meal ideas that may give you some inspiration if you’re struggling.

In our resources section you will also find numerous leaflets to refer to which you can save or print.