Get cleaning

On average burn 100 calories by doing everyday activities such as:

  • Washing and drying dishes for an hour
  • Moving furniture around for 25 minutes
  • Mowing the lawn for 20 minutes
  • Tidying up and removing clutter for 30 minutes.

Avoid a dirty scene, keep the bathroom clean

On average deep clean your bathtub to burn more than 90 calories in 15 minutes. Grab a sponge and scrub your bathroom tiles and floor to burn 300 calories in 30 minutes!

Get sweeping

Sweep the floors and burn on average 130 calories in 30 minutes….then get the mop out and you’ll burn 110 more in 30 minutes!

When I’m cleaning windows

Get those windows shining and burn on average 160 calories in 30 minutes.

Dust Dust Dust

Get your dusters out, dusting on average burns 50 calories in three minutes.

Shiny car

Make your car shine, save some £££, and burn on average 150 calories by hand washing your car!

Here comes the sun

As the temperatures improve, get outside and do some gardening, on average burn 250 calories for one hour of gardening, rake some autumn leaves and burn on average 220 calories in 30 minutes!