On this page you will be able to watch a series of video’s to help you understand your Diabetes and to provide you with the knowledge and skills to help manage your condition. If you require further support with your management please ask your GP for a referral into the service or you can contact the LDP Team.

Please note, if viewing on a smartphone, tilt your phone onto its side (landscape mode) then scroll down to see all videos.

Introduction video

What is diabetes?

HbA1c blood test

The Eatwell guide introduction

Fruit & vegetables (Eatwell guide)

Starchy carbohydrate (Eatwell guide)

Protein (Eatwell guide)

Dairy & alternatives (Eatwell guide)

Fats and oils (Eatwell guide)

Food high in fat, sugar & salt (Eatwell guide)

Hydration & Fluids (Eatwell guide)

Portion sizes

Glycaemic Index

Meal patterns & snacking

Food labelling: Part 1

Food labelling: Part 2

Weight management


Blood pressure


Urine ACR test

Footcare part 1: How to look after your feet

Footcare part 2: Your annual foot check