About this service

The Aintree Digestive Diseases Unit is a cohesive and integrated department, combining the departments of upper gastrointestinal surgery, hepatobiliary (liver) surgery, colorectal surgery, emergency surgery, gastroenterology and endoscopy. The unit provides complete care for patients with disorders relating to the gastrointestinal tract, (Oesophagus [gullet], stomach, liver and bile ducts, pancreas, small bowel and colon).

As a single directorate, the team works closely, surgeons and physicians together to provide in house multidisciplinary care for all patients. This enables the highly skilled and experienced team to provide top quality care for the local population as well as the tertiary work for the North West region and beyond.

Whilst providing a comprehensive service to our local population for all patients with digestive diseases, the unit also run specialist services and clinics for the Merseyside and Cheshire region including:

  • Nutrition services
  • Bowel Cancer Screening Services
  • Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer Services
  • Liver Services (including liver cancer and surgery)
  • Endoscopy services (including ERCP [SpyglassTM and lithotripsy], EUS, Pillcam, HALO)

Contact us

Endoscopy: 0151 529 0423/0403

The Team

The Digestive Diseases Unit is comprised of specialist consultants and nurses.

Our senior team includes:

  • Dr Philip Bliss, Clinical Director, Gastroenterology. Consultant Gastroenterologist , GMC No: 3563591

    Philip Bliss is currently the Clinical Director for the Merseyside and North Cheshire Bowel Cancer Screening Programme and the Clinical Director for the Gastroenterology Directorate at Aintree. Click to read more...

  • Dr Katherine Bowering, Consultant Gastroenterologist , GMC No: 4434551

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  • Dr Keith Bodger, Consultant Gastroenterologist (Honorary) & Senior Lecturer in Medicine , GMC No: 3330553

  • Carlvin Luces, Consultant Gastroenterologist , GMC No: 4522555

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  • Mr Raimundas Lunevicius, Consultant Surgeon and Honorary Senior Lecturer

  • Nikhil Misra, Consultant General and Trauma Surgeon

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  • Professor Graeme Poston , Professor of Surgery / Consultant Surgeon , GMC No: 2491486

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  • Richard Patrick Sturgess, Consultant Hepatologist , GMC No: 2954039

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  • Cyril Sieberhagen, Consultant Hepatologist , GMC No: 4669302

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  • Mr John V. Taylor, Consultant Emergency General & Trauma Surgeon