About this service

The Podiatry Diabetes Service primarily works with people who have Diabetes to maintain their foot health.

The multidisciplinary team, based within the Podiatry Department in the Aintree Diabetes Centre, provide outpatient and inpatient services focused on the management of the high risk foot (priority is given to those patients admitted with acute foot ulcers).

The Podiatry Diabetes services is part of the inpatient foot team in collaboration with our Diabetes and Microbiology Consultants, aimed at ensuring appropriate clinical management and reducing length of stay.

The service also provides podiatry input to the Prosthesis and Wheelchair Centre.

Referral information  

Patients with diabetic foot ulcers or other acute foot problems are referred to the service either by a consultant or by their GP, Practice Nurse, District Nurse or the Community Podiatry Service.

Podiatry patients are referred to the service internally from consultants or externally from primary care and the community podiatry service, following referral pathways based on NICE clinical guidelines.

Patients requiring routine podiatry care are referred to their local community podiatry services for assessment and treatment as necessary.