About this service

The Knowsley Community Diabetes Service provides education and clinical support to patients with diabetes and to health care professionals in Knowsley.

​Services include:

  • Providing education and guidance to patients/clientswith Type 2 Diabetes (both newly diagnosed and longer term)
  • Providing a Consultant Led Diabetes Clinic across four sites inKnowsley supported by Diabetes Specialist Nurse and Dietitian.
  • Providing a Diabetes Specialist Nurse support clinic within GP surgeries supporting both Type 1 and Type 2 patients.
  • Delivering education and support to Care Homes across Knowsley


The team are based off the main hospital site at Manor Farm, Huyton however additional clinics are also held at:

  • The  Bluebell Centre, Bluebell Lane, Huyton, L36 7XY
  • St Chads Primary Care Resource Centre, St Chads Drive,  Kirkby, L32 8RE
  • Whiston Primary Care Resource Centre, Old Colliery Rd, Whiston, L35 3SX
  • The Halewood  Centre, Roseheath Drive, Halewood, L26 9UH


  • Huyton – Friday AM Multidisiplinary team with consultant or nurse specialist and dietician (MDT) and Monday PM Intensive Support and a nurse and dietician (IS)
  • Kirkby – Wednesday PM MDT and Thursday AM IS
  • Whiston - Tuesday AM MDT (alternate weeks) and Monday PM IS (alternate weeks )
  • Halewood – Tuesday AM MDT / IS (alternate weeks)
  • Structured Education Sessions take place at:
  • St Chads PCRS, Kirkby, every Tuesday 5pm – 7 pm
  • The Bluebell Centre, Huyton, every Wednesday 10am – 12noon and 5.45pm – 7.45 pm
  • Halewood on Tuesday once monthly 1pm - 3 pm