About this service

Diabetes and Endocrinology services are provided from Aintree’s Diabetes Centre.

The services, provided by a team of highly trained and skilled consultants and medical staff, have a national and international reputation in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and disorders of the endocrine glands.

The team provide a thorough and comprehensive service to patients that include a wide variety of clinics that deal with the effects of diabetes and endocrine problems.

Committed to research and training ensuring that the services stay at the forefront of the field and that patients get the best treatment available, Aintree’s Diabetes Centre is also the University of Liverpool's Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology, which is based in the Clinical Sciences Centre. Alongside this, the Diabetes & Endocrinology Research Group, based at Aintree, is an internationally renowned unit involved in major clinical trials for the treatment of diabetes and related disorders, for example obesity. The centre has close links with the hospital’s Dietetic Service, the Podiatry Department and the Nephrology Directorate, which deals with diseases of the kidneys.

The Endocrinology department works closely with the neuroendocrine tumour (NET) service to provide the Endocrine Surgery and Neuroendocrine Tumour Service (Mersey NETS), a service particularly renowned for the surgical treatment of intra- abdominal neuroendocrine tumours. Further information on the Mersey NETS service can be found here.

The centre supports local patient groups and has regular contact with The Pituitary Foundation, Sefton Diabetes Group and AMEND. In addition the department’s Specialist Nurses are always willing to make themselves available to discuss issues and concerns with patients either at the hospital, at the clinics or over the phone.

The Team

The services are staffed by high skilled and experienced multi professional teams that include consultants who also specialise in various aspects of diabetes and endocrinology, Nurse Consultants, Diabetes Specialist Nurses and Diabetes Nurse Educator. Our senior team includes: