Some people would like to see the body of their loved one who has recently died.

This page gives you information about how this might happen.

It also gives you information about:

  • The staff who might be involved
  • Where to go
  • How to contact us.

Within a short time of death, your deceased relative will be taken from the ward to the hospital mortuary. Should a member of the family or close friend wish to see the deceased at the hospital, you will need to contact the bereavement office so that an appointment can be made.

For all visits we ask the family members and friend to try to attend together and arrive at the arranged time.

Please ask if you would like a hospital chaplain to accompany you.

Visits are by appointment only and can be arranged between the hours of 9:00am-4:00pm, Monday to Friday.

To arrange an appointment please telephone 0151 529 2855. Bereavement staff may need to contact next of kin to obtain permission for a visit to take place.

It may be possible to visit at other times but this will be subject to the availability of the nursing staff for the ward/unit where your loved one had been treated.

Outside of normal working hours please telephone the hospital Switchboard on 0151 525 5980, ask for the ward on which your loved one had been cared for to speak to the nurse in charge. They should be able to advise if a visit is possible.