As of Wednesday 20 May 2020, organ donation law has moved to an opt out system. You may also hear this referred to as Max & Keira’s law. For further information and to register your own decision, please visit the NHS organ donation website.

Organ and tissue donation can offer you the opportunity to fulfil your relative/friend’s wishes. The donation and transplantation of organs can save people’s lives. Not everyone is suitable to be an organ donor and this decision is made by doctors and transplant coordinators.

Most people, however, can be considered for tissue donation and this decision is made by specialist nurses at NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT). The donation and transplantation of tissues such as skin, bone, tendons and eyes can save and improve peoples lives. Tissue donation can take place up to 48 hours after death and tissue from a single donor can save or improve the lives of over 50 people.

If donation for transplant is not possible for any reason, donation for research and/or teaching may still be possible. A member of the NHS Blood and Transplant Team can discuss this with you.

  • At the time of your relative/friend’s death, a next of kin contact number and patient information will be sent to the NHS Blood and Transplant Team (NHSBT) by a member of the ward nursing staff
  • A specially trained nurse from NHSBT may then contact you by telephone to give you information about tissue donation, especially if your relative/friend is on the Organ Donor Register
  • If you do not wish to be contacted about tissue donation, please call the NHSBT National Pager Number on 0800 432 0559 and leave a message “ Please do not contact the family of (name of the deceased) who was a patient on ward (ward name) at Aintree Hospital”.

Please note: Being a tissue donor will not cause any delay in funeral arrangements.

You will be provided with an information leaflet about tissue donation in addition to the ‘Help Following a Bereavement’ booklet given to you by ward staff.

If you would like further information about tissue donation you can:

Call 0800 432 0559 or visit the tissue donation website at