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The Audiology Department is open Monday to Friday. We run a drop off hearing aid repair service to ensure that our patient’s hearing aids are maintained and in good working order. We also continue to offer a postal service for replacement batteries and tubing.  Alternatively, for assistance, please call 0151 529 0328, email: or post your hearing aids to: Audiology Department, Elective Care Centre, Aintree University Hospital, Liverpool, L9 7AL.

Aintree's award-winning Audiology Department provides a wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative services for patients with hearing loss, tinnitus, vestibular (balance) problems, APD, learning difficulties, dementia and who are deaf blind whilst adhering to national guidelines and recognised best practice.

We were the first NHS Audiology Department in the UK to be fully accredited by UKAS IQIPs in May 2013 demonstrating our capability and clinical competence of the audiology team.

The team at Aintree is comprised of experienced, registered (HCPC/RCCP) and highly qualified audiologists that are dedicated to providing the best possible quality services for our patients.

We were successful in being amongst the first to be awarded the Any Qualified Provider (AQP) Adult Hearing Services Contract in October 2012. This service provides free routine hearing assessment and hearing aid provision for over 55 year olds which is accredited by the NHS.

We provide free NHS hearing assessments and hearing aid provision for non-routine (Complex) cases for all adults (> 18 years old). The department fit the latest digital hearing aids as well as specialist devices such as CROS/BICROS aids, programmed to a patient’s individual hearing needs.

These include the latest open fit hearing aids and frequency compression aids, as appropriate.

We also provide care for those transitioning from a paediatric service to an adult service.

We offer appointments at Aintree University Hospital as well as at community centres in Bootle (May Logan Health Centre) and Kirkby (St Chads Health Centre).

Patient feedback

We continually audit our patient satisfaction and a recent patient survey rates satisfaction of services as 9.79 out of 10.

Our services

The department provides a free, high quality comprehensive hearing aid service, seeing patients through each stage of their treatment, from the initial assessment of their hearing to the hearing aid fitting and follow-up care. You can find out more about each stage by clicking/navigating to ‘Hearing Aid Service’ section of our website.

In addition to the hearing aid service, the department provides a wide range of services and treatments including:

  • Hearing and ear health assessments (AQP and complex pathways)
  • Tinnitus assessment and management
  • Tinnitus and hyperacusis management with additional support from clinical psychology
  • Balance assessment and rehabilitation
  • Specialist clinics for patients with learning difficulties and dementia
  • Severe-profound hearing loss clinic
  • Deaf/blind clinic
  • Rehabilitation services for hearing, balance, tinnitus, and auditory processing disorders
  • Support groups for tinnitus, balance and cochlear implants.
  • Same day drop off repairs clinic
  • Choice of community clinics you can attend covering  Sefton and Knowsley
  • Excellent links with the Cochlear Implant Team.

Aintree also runs a very successful Tinnitus Support Group that meets monthly. The support group has been awarded ‘gold standard’ status by the British Tinnitus Association (BTA). For more information, click here. This could link to the Tinnitus section or relevant subsection or document?

Referral information

How do I get an initial assessment?

  • Please see your GP for an onwards referral to the Aintree Audiology Department
  • GPs can refer patients, who are deemed totally housebound for domiciliary visits, please contact the department in the first instance
  • Referrals can be made by GPs or eRS (formerly choose & book).

How to contact us

Telephone: 0151 529 0328


Post: Audiology Department, Elective Care Centre, Longmoor Lane, Liverpool, L9 7AL

We are located on the 1st floor of the Elective Care Centre (Clinic 4).

Hearing aid repair and drop off service

Click here for full details.


Replacement hearing aid batteries are free for our hearing aid users, and can be collected from the Aintree Audiology Department or at our designated community clinics.

You should have been given an audiology battery card with our contact details on this; please take this with you when going to collect new batteries.

Alternatively, batteries can be posted out if requested by email/telephone.


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