The Inpatient Pain Team (IPT) provides a specialist inpatient service, delivered by a multi-disciplinary team, for patients undergoing intervention for surgery and major trauma, as well as patients admitted to hospital with other acute pain episodes. 

What We Do

  • The Inpatient Pain Team will review patients receiving epidural analgesia, patient controlled analgesia and local anaesthetic infusions at least once daily. The Team also receive referrals to review patients with moderate to severe acute pain which is difficult to manage.

  • The Inpatient Pain Team recognises that pain following major trauma has many challenges. Patients who have suffered a severe injury need regular thorough assessment and often require complex pain management strategies.

  • All patient reviews involve identifying individual needs with regard to acute pain. This is done through verbal, non-verbal and clinical observations; as well as the use of appropriate and up-to-date pain assessment and management.

Patients undergoing elective surgery for orthopaedic, colorectal, upper GI and liver procedures follow an enhanced recovery pathway which involves pain control designed to enable early mobilisation and reduce length of stay in hospital.

Team Objectives

Pain Management - Pain will be re-assessed regularly and managed to a degree that is acceptable to the patient and achievable within current knowledge.

Pain Assessment - All patients will have their pain assessed using recognised acute pain assessment tools to enable appropriate pain management.

Patient Information - Patients and carers will have the information they seek relating to the options for the treatment of acute pain, to enable them to make an informed choice.

Education & Practice - All professional staff have access to up-to-date knowledge on the principles and practice of acute pain relief and can demonstrate an appropriate level of skill for their area of work. 

Pain Communication - There is honest, open and effective communication and collaboration between the patients, the patients’ carers and the multi-disciplinary professionals, to provide the care and support for patients in acute pain.

Meet the Team

  • Dr Emma Bain - Consultant Anaesthetist
  • Dr Shambhu Acharya - Consultant Anaesthetist
  • Dr Ravish Shetty - Consultant Anaesthetist
  • Lynne Clarke - Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Andy Bignall - Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Karen Chorley - Clinical Nurse Practitioner
  • Soniya Cyriac - Clinical Nurse Practitioner
  • Laurent Coste - Clinical Nurse Practitioner
  • Colin Brennan - Senior Pharmacist (Associate Role)

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Inpatient Pain Team

Monday – Saturday 08:00 – 17:00 excluding Bank Holidays

On-call Anaesthetist

Out of hours pain service

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Inpatient Pain Team

Anaesthetic Department

Aintree University Hospital


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Tel: 0151 529 6215


All referrals to the Inpatient Pain Team will be made via the patient's clinical team.