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  Monday, December 9, 2019

The Trust is pleased to announce that the people listed below have been elected to the Trust’s Council of Governors following the recent elections:

Public: North West England & North Wales

  • David Blanchflower
  • Alison Child.

Public: City Region North

  • Robert Cannon
  • Irene Taylor
  • Andrew Moran
  • Juliette Kumar
  • Anne Trevor
  • Paul Denny
  • Ray Humphreys.

Public: City Region South

  • Sheila Coleman
  • Dorcas Olanike Akeju
  • Alison Cohen
  • Kieran Harrison-Foulkes
  • Doreen Shlechte
  • John Lloyd-Jones
  • Gerard Ashley.

Staff: Allied Health Professionals, Scientists and Technicians

  • Fiona Daglish
  • Sarah Dyson.

Staff: Medical Practitioners and Dentists

  • Bhavna Kalpesh Pandya
  • Emma Walker.

Staff: Nursing

  • Peter Halliday
  • Tracy Greenwood.

Staff: Other Non-clinical Staff

  • Joanne Pepper
  • Angela McShane.

The above individuals took up their posts on Monday 2 December.

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