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  Friday, November 15, 2019

The Pharmacy department at Aintree Hospital has received national recognition for developing and rolling-out an electronic discharge notification system which has improved patient safety.

The team was recently presented with the PrescQIPP “Developing or Working across an integrated care system or STP” Award, at The Prescqipp Annual Event and Awards in Nottingham.

The system, called Transfer of Care Around Medicines, which received backing from NHS England and the Innovation Agency, has improved communication between the hospital pharmacy and the patients’ nominated community pharmacy. This means when a patient (who has agreed to share their information) is discharged from hospital, an up-to-date copy of their prescription is immediately available to their community pharmacy team.

Dave Thornton, Assistant Clinical Director of Pharmacy at Aintree, said: “This system is a huge improvement and means the risk of patients receiving inaccurate prescriptions post discharge is reduced. Community pharmacists can now check the patients first prescription after discharge from their GP against the hospital’s discharge prescription, and any inadvertent discrepancies can be addressed. This award is a tribute to the hard work of our Pharmacy Technicians and Pharmacists, without whom the system wouldn’t function. I feel lucky to work alongside these dedicated people and they should be incredibly proud of this award.”

The system, which has been in place at Aintree since January 2018, has already assisted 11,500 patients following their discharge from hospital.

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