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If you are a manager, you may find the information below to be helpful when you make your referral.

Working together to ensure a Management Referral is effective and support you, as the manager, is very important.  The more background information you can give us, the better prepared we are for the meeting.  We will also be able to ensure they are triaged to the right person in the first instance.

Your Conversation

It is helpful for us to understand what you have discussed with the individual, what their attitude was to the referral, do they understand what the meeting is for and what we are trying to achieve?

We need to know what you, as the manager, has already put in place - the outcome of any investigations or the results of any risk assessments.

Left Post

We sometimes get referrals where a person has subsequently handed in their notice or left your employment.  We no longer need to see these people and any outstanding referrals can be rescinded by phoning us on 0151 529 3803 option 2, option 1

Is the person currently suspended?

If the individual is currently suspended, this, along with the reason for suspension, should be documented in the body of the referral.

Fitness to attend a meeting/disciplinary hearing

If you would like the OH practitioner to assess the individual for their fitness to attend a meeting/ disciplinary hearing please ensure full details of the reason for the meeting/ disiplinary hearing are provided in the body of the referral.


If referring an individual who is absent due to stress, please document the issues relating to the stress (personal or work related)



If the issues are personal and have been disclosed to you, please give an overview


Work Related

If the individual perceives the issues to be work related, if you are aware of the issues, please document these and whether any actions have been taken to resolve the issues.  However, if you are unaware of the issues, please also document this


If the reason for referral is post-operative, please inform us of the surgery that has taken place and any known post-operative complications which have delayed a return to work


If the reason for referral is due to a musculo-skeletal disorder such as back pain, please document any history that you are aware of

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