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0151 525 5980

One of the roles of the Occupational Health and Wellbeing Centre is to advise both employees and their managers in relation to the impact of work on employees' health and welfare, and effects of employees' health on their ability to perform their work satisfactorily.

Staff in Occupational Health are happy to discuss the referral process if a manager is unsure whether to refer an individual or not.

Staff should be referred to Occupational Health by their manager using the Cohort online Management Referral system


If you are unsure about whether to refer this person, or you wish to discuss this before putting forward your referral, there is a dedicated advice line which is open Monday - Friday 2pm - 4pm

0151 529 3803 option 3, followed by option 3


First time...?

E-mail Diane.Lee@liverpoolFT.nhs.uk to get a password to start using the system


Regular Users .....

Log on to the Cohort online Management Referral system 



Training videos

Making a Management referral 7 minutes 17 seconds

Uploading a document to your Management Referral 54 seconds

Checking the appointment details for your referral 27 seconds

How to add a Comment 1 minute 12 seconds

Accessing a report/ Response form 1 minute 12 seconds

Finding old referrals more than 60 days old 36 seconds

How to reset your password 40 seconds



User Guides.....

Creating a new referral

Checking the date of an appointment

Accessing the Response Form after the appointment takes place

Problems getting the log on screen - just got the blue sky? 



Important leaflet for your member of staff.....

Make sure you print this leaflet and pass a copy to the member of staff you are referring so they know what's going to happen next

If you are a college tutor and are referring a student, this leaflet is also available student specific - please click here for this


How it works...

Once you have created an account, you will be automatically taken to the log on page and this is the page you will access each time you use the system from now on.  Complete the online form and click on Submit at the end.


Once the referral comes through to us, your member of staff will be triaged to the most appropriate Clinician and an appointment will be made.  A letter will be sent out to your member of staff and your Dashboard will be updated with the date of the appointment.


Once the appointment takes place, a report will be sent back to your Dashboard and an e-mail sent to you advising that it is ready for you to read. We usually have reports out within 2 working days of the appointment 


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