At Aintree University Hospital, we are committed to ensuring that our staff are well trained and supported.

Our approach to learning and development recognises the importance of the mandatory provision, enabling our staff to work safely, as well as the capacity for individual development, be it educational development or support to undertake leadership coaching for example.

Our Education and Learning department coordinates and delivers an extensive catalogue of learning, educational and development opportunities for our staff including:

• the Trust's corporate induction – a mandatory training course designed to welcome new starters to the Trust.

• Mandatory training - we strive to ensure staff receive first class training, and all staff are supported in completing their annual mandatory training. Clinical and non-clinical staff undertake their mandatory training by attending a combination of classroom sessions and completing e-learning modules

• We have a substantial workforce that ensures the smooth running of our organisation and as such our management, administrative and clerical staff are encouraged to undertake development that can include leadership qualifications and other professional qualifications

• Supporting our professionally trained staff to develop their skills by funding further studies or paying for them to undertake extensive training on highly specialised equipment, attend professional seminars and conferences to learn and share ideas from their peers, or undertake research

• Managing our national award winning apprenticeship programmes that enables both our existing staff to enhance their employment prospects and creates a fantastic opportunities for people to step into the healthcare profession.