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There is strong evidence that when an organisation gets equality, diversity and inclusion right the workforce feel valued and their wellbeing and morale improves, consequently there is a positive impact on health outcomes and inequalities. The Trust is looking to move beyond compliance with equalities legislation and has established an Equality and Diversity staff network to help embed all aspects of the equality, diversity and inclusion agenda.

Who can join the E&D network? 

The Equality and Diversity Network is open to all staff who want to play an extra role in developing an inclusive environment for our workforce, patients and visitors. 

The aims of the Network are:

  • To set an example and demonstrate that the Trust is committed to promoting equality and diversity 
  • To help drive behavioural and cultural change across the organisation
  • Encourage individuals to speak up with their concerns and issues
  • Advise informally on equality and diversity issues and procedures
  • To proactively assist other colleagues to assess the impact of Trust policies and schemes on equality, diversity and human rights.
  • To raise concerns through the appropriate channels about any behaviour that may undermine equality, diversity and human rights to the Equality and Diversity lead.
  • Act as a voice amongst colleagues for the E&D agenda

 Our meetings are held on a quarterly basis. For further information please contact EqualityImpactAssessment@aintree.nhs.uk


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