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We are committed to establishing a truly representative membership and welcome members from all backgrounds and protected characteristics including age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation (this is not exclusive of other diverse backgrounds). Being a member of an NHS Foundation Trust means that you can have a real say, through your elected representatives (Governors), in shaping future services and strategic planning.

You decide how involved you want to be - you may simply want to receive a Newsletter about the Trust's activities or you may want to stand for election to the Council of Governors, which works with the Board of Directors.

How to Join

If you, your family, friends or colleagues are interested in becoming a member, please contact the Corporate Governance Team for an application form, or join here: https://secure.membra.co.uk/LUHapplicationform/.

Public Members

We hope that everyone who is or has been linked with our Trust in some way, including members of our local community, would like to join our NHS Foundation Trust. Membership is completely free and open to anyone aged 16 years or over who lives in England and Wales. This includes local residents, patients, carers and volunteers.

Staff Members

All staff become members automatically (subject to certain eligibility conditions) however are free to 'opt out' if requested.

Your Views Matter to Us

Governors are your voice and if you would like to share any views or comments regarding our strategic plans or if you have any other ideas and suggestions, you can contact Governors by email or call the Corporate Governance Team on 0151 529 2243.


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