We are proud to be one of the nine founding partners of Liverpool Health Partners (LHP).

LHP is an Academic Health Science System for the Merseyside and Cheshire region.

As a founding partner of LHP, we support its vision to create a leading national and global centre, where world-class research, teaching and clinical practice are brought together for the benefit of patients, staff and the health economy.


LHP provides a formal framework for strategic partnership between the NHS and higher education sector across our region. This provides greater opportunity to deliver more powerful research through development of an agreed research agenda, extended collaborations, greater capacity and access to shared resources.

Bringing the NHS and higher education institutions across our region closer together will enable LHP to harness the world-class knowledge, expertise, facilities, and resources that exist individually across the partnership.

The organisations that make up LHP have a long history of working together. As LHP, this collaboration is made even closer and more effective, ensuring that the very latest research, discoveries and innovations are used to improve patient care for the local communities we serve, people across the UK, and beyond.


Each of the 9 organisations that make-up LHP contribute individual excellence to the partnership in the form of nationally and internationally renowned specialist services, world-leading research, state of the art facilities and cutting edge technologies.

As LHP we are combining these strengths to ensure that our patients and those across the region and beyond have access to the very best research and innovations, education and healthcare delivery we can offer.


Being part of LHP benefits our staff and our patients. Closer collaboration between the NHS and HEI means clinicians and academics can collaborate more easily to get research ideas into development and ultimately into healthcare delivery quicker.

It also helps us to meet the educational and training needs of our workforce, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of research led practice.

As LHP we can demonstrate the strategic, coordinated delivery of national and international excellence in education and healthcare delivery, world-class research, innovation and technology which will attract research funding and investment to our region.

To find out more about LHP, including how to become involved and to join the LHP mailing list, visit www.liverpoolhealthpartners.co.uk