The Research and Development department is dedicated to supporting and furthering research and development within the Trust. 

If you are a member of staff or a researcher wishing to carry out a study at the Trust, the team will be able to guide you through the process of:

  • Determining if your project is research, audit or service evaluation -Research v Audit
  • Determining if your project is a CTIMP which needs approval form the Medicine for Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA) Algorithm
  • How to get help in protocol development, statistical advice, study design, data management and analysis
  • Applying for Trust Sponsorship (if required)
  • Setting up of a study
  • Gaining NHS Ethical approval
  • Gaining NHS Permission/Trust Research and Development approval

All research carried out on Trust premises must be registered and approved by the Research and Development department. 

NHS permission/approval is required when research involves Aintree University Hospital's staff, patients, patient’s tissue, organs or data and the use of Trust facilities.

Liverpool University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust will provide NHS indemnity cover (for negligent harm) to its employees carrying out or taking part in research only if the research has been registered with Research and Development and has been granted NHS Permission. The Trust will not accept liability for any activity that has not been granted NHS Permission.

For further details please contact the Research & Development Department on